Life Force K~9 Hydrofitness is devoted to canine exercise, performance, conditioning and rehabilitation.

Featuring an indoor pool  with easy access for dogs of all sizes and ability levels as well as personalized sessions.

Life Force K~9 is a great place to bring your dog!

 Here your dog can build their confidence in the water, tone and improve muscle mass or just splash and play.

And its not just for older dogs !

The younger you start building your dogs muscles and keeping them in shape the less likely you are to see problems develop as they age. Spending a little time keeping them fit now could save you thousands later in their life.


First Visit/Orientation  $35.00


 Assisted/Therapy Swim:  

Dogs under 35lbs.  $40.00

  Dogs 35 - 85lbs      $50 .00

We are not currently able to assist dogs over 85lbs.


* Dog must be approved by LFK9 to swim alone

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Life Force K~9 Hydrofitness