Life Force K9  is committed to working with you and your veterinarian/surgeon to ensure the best possible treatment to help your pet enjoy a full and active life.

Featuring a heated indoor pool with easy access for dogs of all sizes our primary focus is making sure your dog has an enjoyable, meaningful, hydro-thermal experience.

Swimming provides a non-weight bearing activity that avoids stresses and strains while offering a complete workout in a weightless environment for muscle and aerobic benefits. 

* Pre/Post Surgical Conditioning *

Warm water is nature's anti-inflammatory agent.  Due to its ability to reduce tissue swelling, alleviate joint pain, and promote healing, our heated indoor pool provides these benefits and more. 

Hydro-thermal conditioning in conjunction with regular veterinary treatment, improve the rate and quality of healing following surgery or injury

* Fitness / Fun  *

Dogs don’t need to have a medical condition to swim. It is a wonderful cross training, non-stress exercise to condition, tone and build stamina as well as a whole lot of fun!  Hydro workouts are great for your dog no matter what their level of fitness.

* Training & Conditioning*

If your dog competes in agility, fly ball, shows, dock diving or any other sport, this is a wonderful strengthening exercise for them.


Veterinary consent

All dogs at LFK9 must have consent or a referral from a vet, surgeon or orthopedic specialist to be treated or use the hydrofitness pool. This includes fun and fitness swims.  Either your vet will recommend treatment or you can speak to your vet and ask if they would be willing to refer your dog for hydrofitness.  This confirms your dog is medically fit and ensures prior to treatment that we understand his/her exact condition. The forms are located under the "Forms" tab above.

1.       Read our Terms & Conditions carefully
2.       Complete the Owner Form, Liability Form and Veterinary Consent/Referral Form

3.       Ensure your vet completes and signs the relevant sections –*we cannot proceed without it.
4.       Bring the completed forms with you to your first session. Your vet can email their completed form to us.
5.      Upon receipt of the Veterinary Consent/Referral Form, text, email or telephone us to arrange your initial consultation.

On the first day

Please ensure your dog has not eaten at least 6 hours before its swim and does not eat for at least 1 hour afterwards. Minimal water should also be offered  2 hours before and after your session.  Apart from the potential to vomit and defecate in the pool, exercise before and after food can cause gastric torsion (commonly known as bloat)- an extremely serious condition. Water intoxication can also occur should your dog ingest more water than normal on a full stomach.

There is an area outside LFK9 where you "potty"your dog – please make sure your dog has been to the "potty" area before the session begins, and please think of our neighbours and always clean up after your dog.

 Most dogs love splashing about in the water, however this doesn't necessarily mean that they will be natural or confident swimmers.  During the first appointment, the amount of time your dog spends in the water as we introduce and acclimate them to LFK9 will vary depending on their comfort and ability level.

What to bring

1.  Your dog should wear its collar and lead on arrival which we will remove and replace with one of ours during the swim. Dogs must be leashed at all times while on LFK9 property ( including our parking lot) unless under the care of LFK9 staff.

2.  It is very important that your dog is kept warm following hydrotherapy. We recommend you bring a coat or over sized sweatshirt for your dog to wear as they exit the center. A towel or blanket will also work for smaller dogs.

3. Drying towel(s) - we recommend you bring at least two drying towels per dog.

4. For the safety of the LFK9 staff nails must be kept trimmed. If your dogs nails are not trimmed or are sharp we will not be able to provide treatment and a $35 cancellation fee will be charged.

At the hydrofitness center we are happy for you to enter the pool area to get a potentially wet view of your dog enjoying a swim but please come prepared - waterproof shoes and clothing are highly recommended! We may also like to use your relationship with your dog to help build your dog’s confidence & enjoyment in the pool.

Children are welcome but must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.  Please keep in mind that there will be other dogs entering and exiting with injuries and medical conditions who may not be as good natured as your own.


Assisted Therapeutic Swim

30 minutes in length / 20 minutes in the water

A canine aquatics certified instructor will be in the pool to assist your dog at all times.


Life Force K9 requires payment at the time services are rendered.

Cash, Checks and all major debit/credit cards* are accepted

(Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover)

* there is a $1.50 service fee for credit card/debit card transactions

Life Force K~9 Hydrofitness